The maximum performer who greets everyone in the most important race of the season.

In fact, the strangeness of the 24 Hours of Daytona is the grandstands: long and impressive, but almost totally empty. Centounmila colored seats that when viewed from a distance they give the illusion of a full house. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV and camper vans – But here people are crouched and camped in the infield, that is, on the lawns inside. Tents of all sizes, luxurious motor homes and rickety old buses and Volkswagen.

There’s one in 1959 that ended up on the local news cover. A lot of people defying chilly night (yes, these days it is) of an otherwise temperate climate even in January. A pity that the Atlantic ocean in this vacation spot, which generally never turn off the lights, remains only a postcard to be observed from a safe distance. And so the infield fans accumulate pieces of wood brought from home and lit fires to keep warm and roast chops, hot dogs and fries.

Country music, many hippie beards and American flags stuck on the bumpers of cars. It is the people that love the military and probably vote Republican. But he can recognize their heroes.

It was here, at 500 miles in 2001, in front of 150,000 spectators petrified that s’immolò the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt, one of the greatest drivers in the history of this country. The maximum performer who greets everyone in the most important race of the season. He does not waste time, two years after all’Intimidatore had carved a statue just on the sidelines of the oval.

And whenever this temple opens its doors to the faithful, he wears the same ritual: each in its own way pays tribute to the Monument. From our correspondent Massimo Lopes Pegna  @ Pegnarol

August 17, 2016 – Rio de Janeiro (Bra) Setterosa scream, in the semifinals: hello Russia. Friday at 20:30’s grand final against the United States, which in the semifinals they beat Hungary 14-10 with 4 goals of Steffens. A medal is already safe, but the group of Fabio Conti is not content anymore. And groped wants to imitate gold in Athens 2004.

Setterosa Battuta Russia for the second time but after a more complicated game even though they are always up to the blue. A decisive game to make the podium. A game a must-win. He won the merit and strength. GalleriaSetterosa, successful start with Brazil the game – Ready, set and Evgenyia Ivanova sorpende the Gorlaro for 1-0 dele tsarinas.

Olga Gorbunova doubles right after the start and freezes the blue which repair with two broadsides Arianna Garibotti: 2-2. Gorlero says no to Prokofyeva and still Ivanova. It ‚a tight match, shooting one seeks targeted by both parties.

After the first few seconds to gun cotton, the game is cooled and the half ended with no other markings. Chiara Tabani superiority in the prosecution’s first blue advantage (3-2), the hard stops Prokofyeva Rosaria Aiello and Roberta Bianconi turns for the Italian +2. In the counterattack Glyzina is Stoppata from Gorlero providentially and now Italy relaxes. The Bianconi does not exploit a superiority, but neutralizes a defense. The Lisunova is 4-3 and Glyzina serves 4 equal.

Back in Training. A detour is crucial for the blue 5-4 Arianna Garibotti, really inspired to shoot today. It’s up to Federica Radicchi score the 5-3 from long range with no shot that you turn off to the left at 54 „from the end of the second set. The Setterosa in the middle game can handle a double benefit.

Tania Di Mario plays a great job assistance. in the final – and the third time Garibotti Ariana is opening a wonderful feat, a dove outflanking the right side which insult the Russian goalkeeper. Then marks Tania is a heavy goal that could valer seen the final full advantage of +4. depends always from the blue, the most technical caliber and globally as a team. the Glyzina is a thorn from a distance, but there’s Giulia. the Aiello tries a scarf, but it is intercepted. the Gorlero still says no to Gorbunova and this team also wins defensively, forcing the rivals to hasty and ineffective shots. the Bianconi hits the crossbar and work hard to cover in defense, Queirolo controls the right front, Giulia Emmolo retrieve balls back.

It ’sa Sept. harmonious eroded in a very difficult match for the enormous strain placed for grabs. In the third time Italy managed to keep dry Russian. That failed to score even more in superiority at the beginning of the fourth time. Then Lisunova back to unlocked and marks the fifth Russian goal 6 ‚from the final.

Chiara Tabani 25’56 „takes out the dove 9-5: Italy knows how to manage themselves wonderfully although Russia scored again and returns -2 (7-9), but the Garibotti is impeccable for its pokerissimo of 10-7 . Russia will play their last illusions, but Grineva commits a penalty foul on Aiello to 1’41 „at the end and Roberta Bianconi does not pray in order to confirm the gunboat of the tournament with 12 goals. A 57 „from the end Elisa Queirolo signed the 12th goal, and now the new Tigers of Italy will face the US world champions.

We accept surprises. Speaks accounts – The c.t. blue Fabio Conti:“ The Olympic final? And ‚the dream of every athlete and every coach play the Olympic final. We arrived here to chase this dream, the dream of playing the final.

From now on, finished the 15 minutes of festivities, we’ll start thinking about it. Sara ‚my 200th bench, the best way to celebrate it there. The Russia?

It was not easy because otherwise it would not have been here, has thrown out of Spain means that it is full of quality. But our girls today are more ‚brave. „Russia-Italy 9-12 (2-2, 2-4, 0-2, 5-4) MARKING: 17“ Ivanova, 1’46 „Gorbunova, 2’10 „Garibotti, 2’15“ Garibotti; 8’31 „Tabani sn, 9’20“ Bianconi rig., 13’13 „Lisunova, 13’48“ Glyzina, 14’23 „Garibotti, 15’06“ Radicchi; 17 ‚ Garibotti 17; 17’59 „Di Mario; 25’55 „Lisunova sn, 25’56“ Tabani, 27’24 „Ivanova, 28’43“ Prokofyeva sn, 29’26 „Garibotti sn, 30’02“ Grineva sn, 30’26 „Bianconi rig., 35 ‚ 03 „Queirolo, 35’21“ Soboleva RUSSIA: Karnauch, Ustyukhina, Glyzina, Prokofyeva, Karimova, Borisova, Gorbunova, Lisunova, Simannovich, Timofeeva, Soboleva, Ivanova, Grineva.

All. Gaidukov. ITALY: Gorlero, Tabani, Garibotti, Queirolo , Chicory, Aiello, Di Mario, Bianconi, Emmolo, Pomeri, Cotti, Frassinetti, Teani. All. Conti. REFEREES: Buch (Spa) and Koganov (Aze). NOTES: superiority Italy 8 numeric (2 goals), Russia 7 ( 3) exit 3 f. Grineva. spectators 3000. from our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli  @ sarcobelli

March 11, 2019 – Madrid Zidane during the press conference. Getty All happy, smiling, almost excited. a return like that of Zinedine Zidane, that 284 days after leaving the astonished Casa Blanca has been called up and was not able to say no to the Madrid depressed by the premature collapse of the season he needed this. At the Bernabeu crowded room, Florentino Perez happy again, like Zidane.

Accompanied by his wife Veronique, in the front row as well as also Paco Gento leaders, Raul, Roberto Carlos and Arbeloa. Legends: Zidane is a synthesis of poetry and prose, but Cruyff and Guardiola … THE BEST OF THE WORLD – Perez thanked Solari, „A madridista, I hope he will stay with us, I thank him for the professionalism, dedication and loyalty“ and gleefully announced the return of Zizou, „Tied to us since 2001, as president I never forget the day I managed to get you.

Back to Madrid the best coach in the world, we are proud to have you back with us. Do you represent the greatness of the club, I thank you for your loyalty, really represents the greatness of this club. “ VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV CAN NOT SAY NO – Then it happened to Zidane, who answered along the many questions of journalists. Honest, clear: „I came back because the President asked me and I could not say no.

It is the right thing, I have a great desire to coach after 9 months spent recharge batteries. Just as it was right to leave when I did. He wanted a change, for the club, for the players, for me. Last year we did so many bad things: ok, we won the Champions League, but we lost the Copa del Rey and La Liga very quickly.

It was necessary to change, it was necessary. I followed the season with passion and pain, suffering like everyone else. Lopetegui and Solari tried to do the best and it did not work, so in football. Again, me too many things went wrong last year. “ CALCULATED RISK – „Now we have these 11 games to prepare for the next season, the new project.

No, I have not asked for guarantees, names.